We recently completed our 3rd quarterly planning session. 76% of the company was able to attend this session, including many of our new hires. I always look forward to spending time with our team. The format of the meeting was a little different as we really listened to your feedback the last couple of quarters. I worked with Andy to ensure the best possible Petra Session we could have. We were able to have more open discussion time and the chance to talk through our survey results (Q3 2016 Survey – Mosaic). Dave Burkitt and Mike Webb both gave informative presentations that outlined where we are now and where we are going. Andy Ferguson captured these conversations via video and these will be available for all to view by mid next week.
One theme that ca4444me out of our Petra planning session was Assume Positive Intent. I thought this was VERY important not only in our Mosaic culture but working with clients as well. I wanted to share some thoughts with the team about this concept. Most of us are guilty of letting our minds get distracted or our harmony compromised thinking about what others’ intent could be or how we got wronged by someone. We all know that it is difficult to interpret tone in an email.  Heck, it is sometimes hard to interpret tone in a phone or Zoom conversation.  However, by Assuming Positive Intent we become more productive due to the minimization of distracting thoughts. A team that assumes positive intent will be more efficient and better at collaborating because of improved communication.  You will become someone people will be more comfortable sharing ideas with and as a result people will collaborate with you and confide in you.  It also lets others know you have confidence in them, and people will often go to great lengths for someone who believes in them. We should always believe that the person speaking has no hidden agenda. So the next time someone sends you an email that makes you feel uncomfortable, take a step back.  Assume Positive Intent and if you can not find the positive in what the person is saying, talk to them.  You may be surprised by what you learn and how much your relationships will improve.

Last Quarter Priorities

A big thank you to everyone who worked hard throughout the quarter to complete their priorities. We had MANY people with green bracelets (thanks, Petra!) for completing all of their priorities. Here is the quarter in review:

  1. #1 THING: Operations Management Solution Selection and Roadmap

Matt, Jason, and Andy F. went through a vendor selection process and it was determined that Clarizen is the right tool for Mosaic. Clarizen will allow us to fully manage our projects from tasks and milestones to resources and budget.  It has case management as well.  All time entry will transition to this tool.  Our target date is October 1.  Yes, it is aggressive and it is another change, but I know we can do it! This change is a positive change and it is going to help us to be more scalable in the future.

  1. Mosaic Client Experience

Sarah Bolen and Mike Webb did a fantastic job holding us all accountable for our guidelines. This priority was completed at 100%. This was a big effort and is the first step in helping Mosaic create structure as we continue to grow.

  1. Activation Playbook Completion and Adoption

While we made great progress, the Activation Playbook was not fully vetted and adopted.  Denise Maddox has taken the Activation Playbook as a priority for Q3 2016, and I am confident she will get it over the finish line.   

This Quarter Priorities

Check out some pictures from our Q3 session!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Q3 2016 Company Priorities were established as a group before the meeting. Managers worked with the team ahead of time to Align your priorities to our company priorities.   Here are our 3rd quarter priorities and what they mean.

Our Company Priorities:

  • #1 THING! Productivity – We have heard your concerns over “Utilization”, and are changing our focus to a target “Billable Hours” for each person. The team consensus was that Billable Hours is a more tangible target to track and achieve.  Denise Maddox owns this company priority but it is everyone’s responsibility to hit our numbers.
  • Operations Mgmt Tool– Now that Clarizen has been selected as our operations management tool, we are going to implement it and deploy it in Q3 2016. The following operations will be moving from Salesforce to Clarizen: Project Management, Resource Planning and Forecasting, Project and Resource Scheduling, Case Management, and Time Entry.  In parallel, we will move invoicing out of Salesforce into NetSuite, and expense reporting and management will be moved to a new tool to be selected and implemented in Q3 2016.  Matt continues to own this company priority.
  • Mosaic Client Experience– Automation in tools and Adoption. This priority is rolling over from last quarter as well.  We are now looking at our documented guidelines and finding opportunities to automate some of the processes in our systems and tools.  An example is that when a MSA contract is activated (signaling a net new client) and email is automatically sent to Sarah to get out a “new client swag package”.  We will attempt to automate as much as we can to ensure consistency in our client experience delivery.  Feedback and ideas are welcomed!
  • Activation Playbook- Deploy and Measure adoption. – Denise Maddox is going to lead the effort to get the Activation Playbook to a functional state and in use on all activations. Again, please raise your hand and help in any way that you can.


Theme:   A HUGE thank you to the entire team for completing your Bag ‘O Thanks priority!  What a treat to see Mike Webb in a duck costume! I will update with a video soon as we have it. We found so much value in that priority that we decided to extend it into the current priority as well.  We are upping the ante and want everyone to send out 10 cards this time!

Thanks, everyone.  Remember, hold each other accountable to what your said was most important! You are not ON the team, you ARE the team!



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