Last week we completed our Q4 quarterly planning session.  Only 53% of the company attended this session due to the time of year and our workload. Once again, Andy Ferguson captured these conversations via video and these will be available for all to view by mid next week. Here are the highlights.

Last Quarter Priorities

A big thank you to everyone who worked hard throughout the quarter to complete their priorities last quarter. We had MANY people with green bracelets (thanks, Petra!) for completing all of their priorities. Here is the quarter in review:

  1. #1 THING: Productivity – 80% utilization for the quarter for all consulting resource: Wow!  We blew this one out of the water. Quite a change of pace from Q2 2016! I want to thank everyone for digging in and servicing so many of our clients. I know it gets busy and stressful this time of year. Leadership is extremely aware of the high numbers and it has been acknowledged. We have added quite a few people to the team in the past few months to spread the workload, but we are measured in our hiring plan to avoid over-hiring.  It will be very important for everyone to set and reset client expectations.  Reach out if you need assistance with this.  You have a team behind you ready to help support you. By the way, we had some good conversations before and during the Petra session around minimizing the seasonality of our work in 2017. Clarizen will be instrumental in providing visibility into our forecasting. We hope that these peaks and valleys won’t be so extreme next year.
  1. Operations Management Tool – Implemented and In-Use: This priority was completed as well. Huge Kudos to the Clarizen team that worked diligently on the configuration and the training for time entry. We realize the implementation was not without challenges; however, we purposely made a decision to go-live in October. We did not want to go-live in Clarizen in November, December, or January.  Being able to key in time and approve it was phase I. Thank you to the entire team for your support and patience as we worked through the kinks. Now on to phase II! (see next quarter’s priorities)
  1. Mosaic Client Experience – Adoption: The Mosaic Client Experience will always be a work-in-progress. We will never be able to call this one ‘done’ and we should always strive to be better.  But we made good progress this quarter again. Sarah Bolen and Mike Webb continued holding us accountable for reviewing and updating our guidelines. Ceci Spehar worked her magic and put it in a document so that it is accessible and consumable by all. I can see this starting to work as we embed it into our tools and our daily routines.
  1. Activation Playbook – Deploy in Clarizen via Project Plan Templates: Yay! This one is complete! Michael, Carissa, Paula, and Towanna completed the Project Management playbook and created templates in Clarizen for the Activation teams to use and follow.  This will create the consistency we have been striving for. Thank you for all the work you put into this to get it over the finish line.  This is the only Q3 company priority that is officially marked complete and will not roll over into Q4.  Great job!

Q4 2016 Priorities

  1. Billed Hours – 6.4 Hours per day (416 Hours for Qtr) for all consulting resources: Denise Maddox owns this company priority but, as always, it is everyone’s responsibility to hit our numbers. I do not think it will be an issue this quarter!
  1. Operations Mgmt Tool – Project Data Accuracy (Forecasting): Now that Clarizen is in use for time entry, we are now going to focus on phase II, forecasting. For us to forecast accurately, projects, dates, hours, etc. will all need to be scrubbed and corrected. Not only is forecasting important for resource assignments and workload forecasting, but forecasting is also needed so the sales team can properly manage the sales pipeline to avoid the peaks and valleys of utilization like we experience in 2016.  Everyone is responsible for the accurate reporting of their workload but will have the support and assistance of Andy Ferguson and others on the support team.
  1. MCE – Client Engagement Function Adopted and Automated in Salesforce: Now that we have our guidelines documented, it is time to start ‘breaking’ one a quarter so that we can rebuild it better than before.  Dave and Shannon are going to ‘break’ our first guideline – which is the Client Engagement Function.  This will include the Sales-to-Service handoff call as well as the Service-to-Sales call. They will also be looking for status updates on all projects so they can check in with our clients to assess our service delivery. All of this will be fully documented so that our process is well defined and repeatable.
  1. Mosaic Team Experience – Develop Framework for 2017: Now that we have the external customer well on their way to consistently experiencing outstanding customer service, we want our “internal customers” (AKA You) to enjoy an outstanding experience. Matt will be working with Ceci on creating a roadmap and schedule for developing our Mosaic Team Experience in 2017.

Check out some pictures below of our planning session!

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Theme:   Another thank you to the entire team for completing your Bag ‘O Thanks priority!  We were only 7 thank you notes shy of our goal of 410.  That is impressive! Can you believe that Mosaic improved someone’s day 407 times last quarter? What an impact that has on our clients and each other. Once again, we found so much value in our attitude of gratitude, that we are extending it into the current quarter theme one more time.  We are reducing the number of notes to 6. Another reason to extend this theme is to keep the amount of ‘new’ concepts introduced in the 4th quarter to a minimum.

Survey Results:   We all strive to live up to our core values and core purpose. However, I understand that workload, client expectations, stress and personal commitments can sometimes make that challenging. One thing that I refuse to compromise on is treating each other with respect.  We are all adults and we are all a part of this wonderful team because of our skills and level of professionalism. That being said, I would like to address some of the feedback we have received on the Petra Survey (last quarter and this quarter), the eNPS Survey, and the general tone of some emails and conversations.

The leadership team welcomes feedback early and often. You should not wait until end of quarter surveys to make your struggles or questions known. If you have questions, suggestions, or are experiencing challenges, our doors are always open. We may not always be able to fix every issue, but we will do what we can to make your job easier. If we are not able to address certain issues, we can provide the reasoning behind decisions being made.

If you have feedback to give, please do so in a respectful and professional manner. I expect to be held to the same standards. Additionally, we all know that there is a difference between complaining and offering constructive feedback.  What we are constantly looking for is constructive feedback so that we can improve. Negative complaints offer no benefit whatsoever and I would argue that it perpetuates the issue or situation the individual happens to be complaining about in the first place. I have attached this quarter’s survey results and highlighted some examples of negative feedback that will no longer be acknowledged. Please find survey results attached below with comments.


We recognize, acknowledge and discuss several topics on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis. We understand the seasonality in our utilization and the recent high numbers. We understand the challenges the team has had adapting to Clarizen. We know that the changes to team structure can be stressful. If you have suggestions on how to improve please continue to send them our way. If you do not, then I would ask that you trust the decisions being made by leadership and ask yourself what you can do personally to positively impact your day-to-day, your team, and the organization.

Please know that the decisions I make for this organization have a profound impact on me. The magnitude of it is not lost on me or the leadership team. I realize that I am not only impacting me and my family, but the families of 44 team members. Never would I do anything to intentionally jeopardize the growth and health of this organization. Will I always make the right decision? Absolutely not. But one is not as great as all so I rely on your feedback, your knowledge, your patience, and your grace to help me make the best decisions at the time with the information at hand.

Since this is 5D Commitment November, I would like everyone’s commitment to contribute to a positive attitude here at Mosaic. Please hold yourself and each other accountable to this commitment. Lastly, I would ask that you continue to provide feedback but that you choose your words thoughtfully when doing so to preserve the Mosaic culture we all love so much.

Thanks, everyone.  Remember, you are not ON the team, you ARE the team!


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