Q1 Planning Recap


WOW! We had a great Q1 planning session last month. It is always energizing to work together and it’s especially exciting to spend time with some of our remote team members. Our session was led by Marshall Martin, which provided a change in pace from Andy Bailey. Marshall will be leading the Mosaic team in future Petra sessions. Marshall has extensive experience in the professional services industry and his background compliments Mosaic. He is a great fit for our culture and I am confident his great insight and knowledge will help Mosaic continue to grow. Switching coaches was a difficult decision but the leadership team feels that his relevant experience will have a positive impact on Mosaic. The Executive team spent time with Marshall, pre-planning for this quarter and getting him up to speed. He has already hit the ground running! Andy Ferguson recorded many of our conversations during our planning session and these videos will be available soon. Below are some highlights:


As we projected, Q4 proved to be very busy and full of activity. I appreciate all of you diving in and meeting all our clients’ needs and demands. The team killed it and I am very proud of each Mosaician. Addition to the high volume of work, we managed to complete all company priorities to 100%. Congratulations to the owners of those priorities and everyone who aligned with those priorities to help achieve our goals. The sales team is focused on evening out our seasonality this year but year-end will always be our busiest time. Our goal is it prepare for it and make it less stressful every year.

Operations Management Tool: Project Data Accuracy (forecasting) – Denise Maddox 

Last quarter I talked about Clarizen and how it would be instrumental in providing visibility into our forecasting. Denise Maddox, Andy Ferguson, Matt and others who worked on this deserve a round of applause. WE NOW HAVE FORECASTING! This was a huge win for the entire organization. The sales team is now able to appropriately work on our seasonality issue and not do so blindly. Our team had some great priorities last quarter but this one deserved significate recognition. Remember, forecasting is dependent on accuracy and accuracy is everyone’s priority.

Mosaic Team Experience – Develop Framework for 2017- Matt Hill

Just as we want to continuously improve the Mosaic External Client Experience, we also want to focus on the Internal Client (the Mosaic Team) Experience. Matt worked with several team members to develop a roadmap for 2017, with stages, tasks and dates to develop each stage down over the course of the year. I am looking forward to seeing how this priority develops and to have guidelines in place.

Billed Hours – 6.4 Hours per day (416 Hours per quarter) for all consulting resources- Denise Maddox

As always, our Rockstar team continues to hit their numbers. Congratulations to everyone who made Club this past quarter, I had a great time celebrating with you in Turks and Caicos’.

MCE – Client Engagement Function Adopted and Automated in Salesforce- Dave Burkitt

To better serve our customers, the MCE Client Engagement team, led by Shannon Ferguson, revisited the MCE guidelines to ensure our processes matched the best interests of our clients and met our goal of every client returning to Mosaic.  To ensure Mosaic’s clients Return (this QTR’s priority), the MCE guidelines needed to reflect an on-going cadence beyond the sales cycle and service delivery.  To accomplish this, Shannon’s team worked with both sales and services (Engagement Managers) to  first break, and then rebuild the Client Engagement processes for Functional Consulting, Activations and Premier Support.  Shannon was able to successfully implement processes such as the Sales-to-Service handoff call as well as the Service-to-Sales call, which are now being tracked in Salesforce and soon to be Clarizen.

Shannon worked extremely hard to improve our processes around the client engagement process and  will continue to do so as we move forward and begin to track Returning Client engagements.


LER in use driving resource utilization- Mike Webb

The goal this quarter is the adoption of Labor Efficiency Ratio (LER) in our management and operational reporting. LER is a financial metric (LER=Revenue/Direct Labor Cost) we are incorporating to measure our operational performance. We talked through LER during our February quarterly meeting and our Engagement Managers can to go through the concept with you, should you have any questions. How can you help with LER you ask? Here are a few ideas: increasing your skillset, managing projects within budget, identifying out of scope requests early, and identifying other client projects.

R3-Phase 1 of 3: 100% Service to Sales completed for engagement over 40 hours- Shannon Ferguson

This priority really goes hand in hand with our 2017 theme Return, Recur, Retain- please refer to the attached presentation. This priority supports the Return phase. We should be completing a Service to Sales form upon the completion of every project. Greater than 40 hours (with exceptions). This is a fantastic priority for you to align your priority under to help sales. Our goal is an 80% return rate in 2017 and we need the entire team’s efforts to get there by filling out this form 100% of the time.


Invoicing is done from Clarizen to Netsuite error free and invoicing SOP’s implemented on all service lines- Mike Webb

This priority is near and dear to my heart. I want our Client’s to experience simplified and error free invoicing. Our current process is complex and takes too many team members to complete each month- and WAY too much of my time. The accounting team is going to lead this quarterly priority and streamline all processes and invoicing for our internal team and Clients.

MCE – Service Delivery- Outsourced Services stage break w/recommended actions- Lisa Mathis

I stated last quarter that we will be taking a MCE stage and breaking it down each quarter. Lisa Mathis will break down these stages in Outsourced Services, improve the process and build it up again. The goal is to better the Client Experience and to make it repeatable.

Please be sure to work with your manger on priority setting and never hesitate to raise your hand if you have an interest in helping with one of our Quarterly Priorities directly with a priority owner. Remember that it will take all of us rowing in the same direction to move our organization forward.

Check out some pictures below from our planning session:

Last thing, the Mosaic Client Experience was implemented to help reduce service defects, deliver consistency every time to every client, hold ourselves to a high standard and go above and beyond. It is going to take ALL of us to hit our $8M revenue goal in 2017, and I know we can accomplish it by focusing on these three things:


Your Biggest Cheerleader,


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