It was great to spend time together as a team at our quarterly planning session and talk about the good things going on at Mosaic. Our planning sessions are always a nice reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re going. I often say that every quarter at Mosaic is like a year at another company, and this quarter was no different. Things are moving fast around here! Our challenge is to manage that change well, both internally and externally.

We usually have a seasonality to our work but this summer, we didn’t slow down – and I think that trend will continue. This quarter, we’ll hire 20 people – that’s right, 20 people! To give that some context, we’ll expand our team by a third by the end of the year, which is incredible. We’re on track to exceed our revenue projection of $8.75 million by the end of 2017. We’re a very different company and in a very different place than we were last year, and that’s exciting!

As we grow, we’re getting better at change management. We want to be sure we continue to provide a great experience to our customers, and avoid change fatigue for our team. We have to be intentional about the goals we set for growth and the way we approach them – that’s why quarterly planning is so important.

Our leadership team spent time together before our August quarterly meeting reflecting on the past quarter, discussing our plans for the next quarter and most importantly, making sure we have the framework in place to set each of you up for success. Marshall and his crew led us through another successful Petra strategy session to create clear and concise personal priorities. I challenge you to work with your manager to do the same.

Looking back at Q2
We set some important priorities in Q2 and had many successes. However, we also have some priorities that experienced little or no movement last quarter – so I want to encourage everyone to embrace this process, engage, and focus on forward momentum in Q3. For some motivation, follow the lead set by these team members in Q2. I’m proud of their efforts! I know we can all do great things this quarter, so let’s get to work – I’m counting on you!

R3-Phase 1 of 3: 100% Service to Sales and Sales to Service – Dave Burkitt

Our goal is an 80% return rate in 2017 for completing a service to sales form at the end of every project greater than 40 hours. We carried this priority over from Q1 and continued to focus on it, since this helps to feed our pipeline of recurring revenue. Dave assumed ownership of this priority during Q2 and has done a great job at the reins.

LER – % Complete used for Managing Operational Performance  – Mike Webb

Our goal this quarter was to have the correct LER for all service lines and adoption of Labor Efficiency Ratio (LER) in our management and operational reporting. LER is a financial metric (LER=Revenue/Direct Labor Cost) we are incorporating to measure our operational performance. A big thank you to Mike and Andy for putting in the hours to get this complete and accurate! This allows us to measure our results, going forward.

MTE- Fully Develop and Document Onboarding Process – Krystyn Sadler

Wow! We’ve come a long way in our HR department and I’m so proud of Krystyn and Kristen. We onboarded 12 new Mosaicians this past quarter.  Like all new processes, we had a few bumps along the way, but overall, we’ve seen a huge improvement in our onboarding process and I was so happy to see it take off. A big win for our HR team!

MCE – Service Delivery- Consulting Services stage break w/recommended actions – Eric Russell

Eric, with the help of Ceci and the rest of the team, has taken the Consulting Services MCE guidelines and rebuilt them. The goal is to better the client experience and allow us to replicate it, and the effort put towards this priority by the team got us closer to our goal. Great work to everyone involved!

Forecasting and Resourcing – Denise Maddox
Denise and her team created a process and visualization in Clarizen that allows engagement managers to create and track sales pipeline projects and the soft allocation of people for those projects. It also allows everyone in the company to view forecasting by project, resource and timeframe.

Q3: Locked and Loaded!
Now that our Q3 priorities are set, it’s time to hit the ground running! Work with your manager on priority setting and be sure to raise your hand if there’s a quarterly priority that fires you up and you’d like to help one of our company priority owners move that priority forward.  Rachel will be our Align champion and she will be ensuring that priorities are being entered and updated throughout the quarter. Be sure that your priorities are set up in Align by Wednesday, August 30.

If you’re a client-facing team member, remember that we want you to focus on creating an exceptional Mosaic customer experience, so we’re only asking you to create one individual priority this quarter. This will allow you to focus on what you do best – serving our clients and helping build our future pipeline of business!

You all received a rundown of our Q3 goals prior to our August quarterly meeting. If you’d like a reminder, you can check them out below:

Define Communication Structure by Role Vicki Hill

We’re focusing on defining Mosaic’s business language and developing consistent, clear communication so that we’re all pulling in the same direction. This includes not only Mosaic’s voice but also the way we communicate in person, both internally and externally.

Leadership Development Plan by Role Mike Webb

Great leaders begin with good coaching and mentoring and that starts with investing in you. We’re looking at the tools and resources our team needs to grow professionally or into leadership roles.

One-Year Product and Services Roadmap Matt Hill

As Mosaic grows, we want to create a full road map of products and services so that we can solidify our relationships with existing clients, grow our repeat business and expand the services we’re able to offer current clients. And congratulations to Matt on his new role as Chief Strategy Officer!

MTE- Performance and Compensation Management Tool Krystyn Sadler

To improve, we must measure and define where we are. This quarter, we’ll define the Performance Management and Compensation strategy and implement it in UltiPro. Our end-of-quarter goal is to lay the groundwork for doing performance reviews in UltiPro in 2018. We’ll also work on compensation gaps and a plan for correcting them.

Communications Strategy for Service DeliveryMatt Hill

During our planning session, we identified the need for a communications strategy and roadmap to make sure the right information is being shared with the right players to support successful sales to service and service to sales transitions – both internally, among the Mosaic team, and with our clients. This will help us set and manage expectations, communicate better as a team, enhance our customer service and make sure everyone’s on the same page regarding project goals and outcomes – and create a pipeline for recurring revenue in the form of new business opportunities from satisfied clients.

Some additional thoughts from our time together that I want us all to focus on:

What makes us Mosaic? We have an amazing team. We’re doing great work, and we’re growing. We need to work to differentiate ourselves. Under the hood, it’s still time and materials.  What makes Mosaic special, and what will make us stand out? I think it’s our personality and our people. I think defining that and communicating it to our clients. As I’ve said many times, we want to be the Starbucks or the Uber of the marketplace. Uber offers a service that many other providers offer. The business model is the same – so what makes them different? It’s the interaction with the customer. I want all of us to consider this question: what will make us stand out and not just meet client needs, but WOW them – provide them an exceptional experience, make a name for ourselves, and make them want to find more ways to do business with us?

Raising the bar. Finally, we talked a lot about elevating each other. I feel like that was our theme for the week and should be our theme for the quarter. Raise the bar on your performance! If we find we’re best at; and focus on that, we can all bring our best to help move Mosaic forward. I’m challenging myself and our leadership team to do the same, from the top down. When we develop our people to do their jobs to the very best of their abilities, it allows us, as leaders, to step back from daily operations of the company and concentrate on the big picture – our strategy and growth.

I believe as we all pursue higher levels of performance, we’ll become better leaders with a deeper understanding of how to think strategically and creatively, overcome obstacles, and focus on behaviors that deliver results. At the same time, your Mosaic team will recognize your efforts and success, raising the bar for higher performance individually and company-wide.

I can’t wait to see the great things we’ll do together this quarter. Let’s get rolling!

Your Biggest Cheerleader,


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